The only initiator on the market that is not regulated is the MJG Firewire Initiator.  Since 2003 all igniters have been Regulated.  Per its patent, the MJG Firewire Initiator is Not Regulated.  Four sizes are available.  Orders less than a case will ship US Mail, without insurance, and can take up to 2 weeks. As a special permit is needed to ship these via US Mail, returns are not accepted. Please be sure of your order, and do not place an order if it is time sensitive.


Want a Fireworks Firing System for Professional Looking Coordinated Displays...Please

     Why MJG Firewire Initiators...


5 Meter MJG Firewire initiator

*** New 5M (15 Foot)            Now Available***


**** We are currently Out of Stock on all sizes.  Thank you!  ****

1 METER (3 Feet)​  

Box of 80 - $31.00/Box

2 METER (7 Feet)

Box of 40 (1-9 Boxes)   - $27.20/Box

10 Boxes of 40 (10-29 Boxes) - $24.40/Box

Case of 1200  (1-4 Cases) - $684/Case 

5 Cases or More - $636/Case

3 METER (10 Feet)

Box of 30  (1-9 Boxes) - $23.10/Box

10 Boxes of 30 (10-29 Boxes) - $20.70/Box

Case of 900 (1-4 Cases) - $576/Case

5 Cases or More - $540/case

5 METER (15 Feet)

​Box of 20 - $25.00/Box

*** Shipping is Additional  and paid separately.

Please order using the shopping cart.  Once we receive your order and  payment, you will be notified of your shipping charge for payment.

The shopping cart offers popular quantity options for each size.  If you would like to order a quantity not included in the shopping cart, simply send us an email with your order please.  We will then calculate the shipping charge and arrange for payment.

2 meter MJG Firewire Initiator


​​​3 Meter MJG Firewire initiator

"Visco Clips" are available.  The cost is .09 each.  They can ONLY be ordered if/when you place an order for Initiators.  If you are interested in ordering, please send us an email  at when you place your order for Initiators.  The cost of your Visco Clips will be included when we bill you for your shipping.